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Vegan French Dessert Masterclass

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Chef Adrian 50
Vegan Dessert Recipes

As more people adapt to a plant-based diet, vegan french dessert and pastry have become increasingly popular around the world. Chef Adrian – a rising star in the vegan culinary world – has developed an online baking course for experienced bakers, dessert enthusiasts and beginners who want to master the art of French baking in a systematic approach.

Through our Beginner, Inter-mediate and Advanced course, you will learn how to make a selection of vegan classic French desserts such as Madeleine, Dacquoise, Mousse Cake, Millefeuille, Chocolate Decorations, Mirror Glaze and even Vegan Choux Pastry from the comfort of your own home.

Our course doesn’t require specific commercial silicone moulds and expensive equipment, Chef Adrian will teach you how to create artisanal pâtisserie using simple mousse rings, tart rings and cake moulds in an everyday kitchen.

Cuisine & Baking Life
in Europe

With over 10 years of experience in European cuisine and baking, Chef Adrian is a seasoned vegan chef exceptionally skilled at using plant-based ingredients to create modern dishes with complex flavours. He has hosted numerous vegan desserts and raw vegan food workshops as well as pop-up dinners and events.

During his time in Europe, he worked at a reputable vegetarian bistro in Vienna and a high-end vegan restaurant in Paris, which inspired many of his signature recipes in this course.

Since 2015, Chef Adrian has been delivering interactive vegan baking classes in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and France. He is also a sought-after culinary consultant, particularly for the more adventurous cafes and restaurants. In 2021, he launched his own vegan cheese brand (Affinage), which is now available in the Taiwanese market.

 Why Vegan Baking?

Vegan baking only uses plant-based ingredients to make pastry and desserts whereas most shop-bought goods contain eggs, dairy products or animal-derived Gelatin.

One of the challenges in vegan baking is to find suitable sub-stitutes. It requires technical skills and baking knowledge, and the baking process needs extensive testing and adjustments to balance texture and flavors.

Through his step-by-step video tutorials, Chef Adrian will show you how to create showstopping treats that will impress your guests who are accustomed to French desserts!

Whether you are looking to acquire baking skills or simply curious about vegan baking, sign up to our online courses and learn how to master the art of vegan baking.

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