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Intermediate Course (L3~4)

Course Content

19 Lessons

Level 3 – Les Meringues

Biscuits à la Cuillère2:37
Charlotte aux Fruits de la Passion3:28

Level 4 – Les Viennoiseries



  • Beginner Course (recommended but not mandatory)

Course Description

Meringue & Puff Pastry Desserts (19 Recipes)

In Level 3, you will learn to master one of the key elements in French desserts - meringue - to make the perfect macarons and other meringue desserts. The secret is to use aquafaba from reduced chickpea water as it is the best substitute for egg whites.

In Level 4, we will showcase a selection of croissant, puff pastry and brioche recipes that will literally melt in the mouth. From kneading, proofing, baking to decorating, you will learn how to recreate these common French pastries at home without a dough roller.


  • Oven / Large baking tray / Small baking tray (25cm x 35cm) / Parchment paper / Silicone baking mat / Proofing box / Electric mixer / Hand blender / Saucepan / Stainless steel bowl / Electronic scale / Silicone spatula / Measuring spoons / Large sieve / Small sieve / Whisk / Rolling pin / Spreading knife / Scraper / Grater / Piping bag / Long knife / Long ruler / Serrated knife / Scoop / Cupcake cases / Star-shaped nozzle (1.7cm dia.) / Round nozzle (1cm dia.) / Saint Honoré nozzle / 4” mousse ring / 6” mousse ring / Souffle ramekin (8cm) / Brioche mould (7cm) / Savarin mould (12cm)